In May 2019, I attended my 6th retreat at Solterreno.

The centre is set in an extraordinarily beautiful position; its terraces and garden offer calm and tranquillity whilst the surrounding mountains seem to breathe with a quiet and majestic stillness. This awe-inspiring landscape is conducive to a total immersion into the bigger picture!

What really transforms this already beautiful place is the potency and collective resonance of the practice that has been happening here for years. Solterreno's gift of space and silence makes room for a depth of personal practice that can be transforming, life-changing and profoundly healing.

I have attended retreats here in various states of well being - but the common denominator is that once home there is always a shift, a movement, a broadening of awareness and understanding that resonates and informs my choices as I go forward in this life.

With thanks to Bodhin and Adelina and the birds that never stop singing!

Cathryn Newman

solterreno mindfulness retreat

This week has made me realise that I can have a wonderful holiday without anyone else. I arrived optimistic that I could escape the hamster-wheel of life at Solterreno but the experience has given me so much more than that. It is more beautiful and peaceful than I could have imagined. Whilst I was open to the idea of Mindfulness I didn't expect to embrace it as I have. 

It was a little frightening joining a group of strangers in an unknown place - I expected hippies of various levels and was happily surprised by the group of genuinely lovely people, everyone. I felt had kind eyes and a big heart, also everyone was looking for something. I thought Bodhin was a wonderful teacher, so easy to listen to, he kept everything very real and is still very grounded. I am leaving full of learning and optimism to redirect my life. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

Ann, May 2016

solterreno mindfulness retreat

"The program was really well balanced, enough workshop material, explaining, satisfying the rational understanding, and enough meditation and yoga. Also the time off in between worked for me, to get my own balance and enjoy the group. Really nice to have walks in the program. There was enough space for individual questions and enough individual attention. Also when I asked for more guidance during the meditations it was taken into consideration. Very safe environment felt very comfortable and could be myself. Thanks for this lovely week!"



solterreno mindfulness retreat"Just what I needed at this time. I went to understand mindfulness exercises and practices and start a habit of daily meditation but I've been given so much more. I feel I now know myself a lot better than what I did before the retreat. I feel I've become more aware of bodily sensations, feelings and emotions. I now have a larger toolbox of both exercises and more knowledge insights of myself that I'm looking forward to use in my everyday life. As I've said to friends, the week of mindfulness with you guys is the most meaningful and life-changing experience I've had. I very much appreciate how every one of you made it so amazing!"



solterreno mindfulness retreat"Brought me back to myself which was not easy but was very good. I have slowed down, become more centered and patient. The mindfulness meditations were really helpful. I enjoyed the instructions and I really appreciated the teaching and the group. This is the second time I did the course but I got so much more from it than before. Thank you very much and thanks to the others in the group who have really been wonderful companions on the journey."




solterreno mindfulness retreat"You have given me the belief and structure to live my life properly. I shall be extremely grateful to the day I die! Things will change, Thanks to everyone at Solterreno."





solterreno mindfulness retreat

Gabriel said "At the risk of creating a stampede to this wonderful place, Solterreno is now on my "best places on earth" list. The cabin itself is spacious and comfortable, the kitchen has all necessaries, the bathroom is well-designed and private (and great water pressure), but it's the deck and what you can see from it that makes this place special. Distant mountains, fog, birdsong, dogs romping in the olive groves...wander over to the meditation room, take a quick dip in family pool...hike through the hills... This is a wonderful place. Bodhin was a welcoming and accommodating host, but he leaves you alone to enjoy the solitude that is one of Solterreno's gifts. I can't recommend Solterreno highly enough."

solterreno mindfulness retreat

I quite literally think of you all at Solterreno with love every day, I was reflecting this morning on how deeply my time spent with you changed my life, it is astonishing to me how a few weeks could have been the catalyst for so much transformation. Even though it was years ago now, it is still the foundation for my mental health that I return to again and again, and it touches and informs every part of my life - my marriage, my career, my friends, my experience as a mother, all of it... I had my first child a year ago, and I can't believe how grounded I feel, how confident I am about being her mother, and again I come back to Solterreno and what I learned from you - I would not be the mother I am without my time there. You taught me to be compassionate and present - both to the person she is now in the moment, and to the person I am now in that same moment, which is what allows me to understand and meet her needs and my own, and I just don't know how I can ever express the level of gratitude I feel.


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