Our Story

Solterreno – ´Sun and earth´ - a centre for mindfulness and healing.

Who we are

Bodhin Philip Woodward, originally from Yorkshire in the UK, former video editor and ordained within the Triratna Buddhist Order with many years' experience of teaching mindfulness and yoga. Adelina Pardos, originally from Valencia in Spain, former nurse and trained reiki practitioner, massage therapist and holistic health practitioner.

Why we set up the centre

We wanted to set up a retreat centre in a beautiful, warm, mountain location because it´s the best place to help people reconnect with themselves and with nature and with life. I (Bodhin) had been running retreats in urban settings in England and Spain for fifteen years and it was a natural progression to open up my own centre, where the conditions were ideal for meditation and healing.

The land and local area

We bought land in 2003 and built wooden buildings in the most low impact way possible, including our own house, beautiful wooden cabins, including one with self'catering facilities and the meditation space. The land holds olive, fig and orange trees, with warm sunny days, even in winter. Being in the mountains, but close to the sea, creates a lovely fresh climate, and nearby there are walks into valley gorges and along mountain ridges.

The meditation room

I wanted to create the perfect conditions for meditating...the meditation room wasn´t, like in so many other places a converted garage or land, it was a dedicated space.. It´s an octagonal structure, based on a mandala, you enter in the east, and look out past the mountains to the sea. With the help of 14 volunteers we completed the building in five days. We offered prayers and buried mantras and buddhas in the foundations, wall and ceiling of the structure.

Connecting with the earth

What has interested me for many years now is the importance of reconnecting with our bodies and the earth. We are the earth, but it is so easy to forget this in modern life, and this it is from the disconnection causes many problems from stress and anxiety in our own bodies and ultimately also to the desecration of our planet.

Connecting with the body

We might have negative thoughts, but they aren't real, they are distortions of reality. The body can´t be disconnected with reality in the way that the mind, or mental states can be. Our bodies are connected with reality in a way that our minds aren´t. For most people, reconnecting with their bodies can help them re-connect with themselves.

The vision for the centre

My aim for Solterreno is to help people in their personal paths to know themselves more fully, and to lead fuller happier lives. And for Adelina, this place is ideal for people recovering from health problems to heal in a more holistic way. Those two visions come together and complement each other because meditation is medicine for the mind, and massage and reiki therapies are medicine for the body.

What makes Solterreno different

Together with our young son David, we have had to grow with the growth of our family. Solterenno is a family run business, and has developed very organically, and has helped strengthen our own practice, to be more loving, more generous, and we have received a lot of help in return.

Solterreno is smaller than many retreat centres, and has the intimacy that comes from that. We want to make it accessible to people and keep costs affordable. We are moved to see so many people come with a genuine desire for positive change and in turn we hope to give people the tools that they can take back into their own lives.

What we offer

It´s lovely to see over the course of a week, a group of different people, can come together, do yoga and meditation, and can transform themselves. We are developing a programme of varied courses, from yoga and detox, to mindfulness, throughout the year. See the calendar.

We also rent out the cabins to those who simply want to rest and relax in what a recent visitor described as a ´slice of paradise´ . Individual visitors can also work with both Bodhin and Adelina to learn new skills.

A Retreat is:

A retreat is quality time for you! It is time out, away from your everyday habits and worries. We do certain activities which will help you relax, rest, recover and then come back into yourself, to reinvent yourself. To find out who you are and where you are going.

  • Relax
  • Rest
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Eat well
  • Harmonise yourself
  • Come back into relation with nature

We attempt to provide the best conditions for you to do that, in a beautiful sunny place, away from the crowd. We are here to help, advise and support your individual path. To help you do what you need to do.

Please feel free to send us an e-mail with your particular requests:


Centre for Mindfulness, Solterreno